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There's nothing spooky about working with a professional ghostwriter or editor who can bring your ideas and experience to the reading public.

You may not have the time or aptitude or inclination to write and organize a manuscript acceptable to agents and publishers. But you do have something to say, something others will want to read.


Here are a few examples from my personal experience:


1. A highly-successful young executive has pursued his own course in dealings with the opposite sex. Much of his experience is unusual, his ideas fresh and stimulating. But his career success has allowed him just enough time to rough-out the first draft of a manuscript and no time to put it in a publishable form. A ghostwriter adds the professional polish.


2. A distinguished film-maker, instrumental in establishing one of his country's most dynamic cultural industries, sets out to create a record of his life and his career. He cannot finish it alone, nor depend on friends and colleagues for an impartial critique. A professional ghostwriter fills the gap, providing a helping hand and a critical eye.


3. A noted university professor is an excellent teacher and an authority in his field. Yet despite 'publish or perish' pressures, she has not been able to produce the book that would cement her reputation. If only she had a first draft, based on her notes and conversation, she could add to it at her leisure. Her ghostwriter provides that draft.


4. A surgeon with a thriving practice has a lifetime's advice to offer colleagues. He now nears retirement and, goodness knows, he's no writer. Must his work be lost? Yes, in all probability, until a professional ghostwriter drew it together in a comprehensive book.


5. She came half-way around the globe as an immigrant and, against all odds, made her mark on her adopted culture. She wants to tell a story that many others want to hear. Who can find the right words? Her own personal ghostwriter.



Let me help you. Between us, we have the idea and skills to make you an author. A book written in cooperation with a professional writer - a ghostwriter - can be one of the great bargains. In return for the modest fee paid to your writing partner, you can establish a life milestone as an author and create an enduring testimonial to your best thoughts and actions.




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