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I can offer you the most direct and personal help with your college entrance essays, your term papers and major post-grad papers and thesis. Let's aim together to assure that they're not only thoughtful and well-researched, but well expressed. 

How important is your personal essay to your college entrance examiners?

It's simply impossible to overestimate the weight given to the college entrance essay. Put yourself in the position of the entrance committee readers. They must plough through hundreds of such written submissions. Who can blame them for discarding the drab, the pretentious, the clumsy, or the just plain ordinary? And when a final choice must be made between applicants of similar academic standing, the entrance committee has nothing but the essays to rely upon.

It's critical that you give yourself every chance by producing the best possible essay. That essay cannot be cranked out according to a formula. There's no book or system that can truthfully guarantee results. The essay must reflect your uniqueness. And for that reason, your best guide to entrance essay writing -- no matter what company or service you choose -- must be a real person, someone who will talk to you, listen to you, e-mail you, encourage you and see the process through to the end. There's just no substitute.

Are you already in college but feel alone with the problem of your term paper or essay?

I'm always there. You can call me any time at 1-888-377-7007. You can e-mail me anytime. My computer is always on 18 hours a day. I have the ability and willingness to work with you, regardless of your discipline or level. Language is the issue here, and language is my subject.


Have you come to feel that your thesis or paper is simply a mess?

I don't mind. I'll help you organize your thoughts, structure your presentation and produce a finished result that's a model of precision and clarity. Social sciences? Philosophy? Theology? Mathematics? Engineering? Economics? It doesn't matter. Let's do it.



Editing or writing emergency?

Don't waste time with e-mail. Pick up the phone right now anywhere in the United States or Canada and call me  at 1-613-659-3666. I'd be delighted to speak with you, talk about the problem, offer any advice I can.

"I had lost my focus until I got in touch. They helped me improve my writing style and reorganize my paper. And I got an A-plus."

            -  Mike Silverman, M.A. in Accounting, Pace University, Lubin School of Business.

"I wanted to thank you sooner (if it weren't for exams) for your work and then compliment you on your kindness and generosity. Your help made it a lot easier. I have learned so much from your writing and I really can't wait till I reach your stage where I can speak and write clearly and intelligently. I want to let you know that I'm very pleased with your work and I would be happy to give good words about you."   

                 - J.O., Toronto

"Can I just say that I love you!! The essay is FANTASTIC! How did you do that!! (funny question! it's your job!) It's 10 in the morning now and I just called you, you weren't there. I just wanted to say thank you again. I will send the check as soon as I can.Thank you for making my day. I will surely recommend you to others."  

              - N.N., Toronto

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