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Business Plans

For companies large and small, the Business Plan plays a key role in the success of any new project.

The Business of Words brings special skills to the creation of Business Plans since, in addition to our role a professional writers and editors, we are ourselves business people. As part of the Clevedon Financial Group and the Ocean Co-operative Group of Companies, we are actively involved in the financing and development of resource, energy, and technology projects worldwide. We understand Business Plans: they're part of our own commercial lives.

Business Plans for Established Companies

As an established company, you have Business Plans created in-house by knowledgeable staff. The Business of Words makes a significant contribution at this point by providing your staff with an "outside eye" to assure that your document tells its story with maximum clarity, is free of insider jargon and, most importantly, is interesting to read.

The cost of this service can be negligible, its contribution invaluable.

Business Plans for Start-up Companies

New companies frequently neglect the overwhelmingly important role played by the Business Plan.

Business Plans must do more than present the costs and benefits projected for your venture. They must convey a vision intelligible to a prospective lender, investor or partner. They must be both detailed and clear. They must impress the reader with both your competence and your commitment to the project.

Start-up companies frequently neglect aspects of the Business Plan, failing to communicate their strengths and address their challenges.

If your group is now in the market for money, for partners, for investors or clients, the Business Plan is a tool which you simply cannot afford to neglect. The Business of Words can guide you at every step, or develop the Plan with you from first to last.

If you already have a Plan, but are not confident that it will deliver the goods, for heaven's sake, call The Business of Words. We're here to help.


"Supratek Pharma Inc. is a Canadian company whose biotechnology represents a new generation of drug delivery and enhanced drug performance at the molecular level. The Business of Words made a special contribution to the final editing of the Business Plan issued by our corporation. As writers and editors with direct business experience, they brought polish and finesse to a crucial document, providing timely and economical service."

-Oleg Romar, CEO, Supratek Pharma Inc., Montreal.





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